Kyomtha Seminary

  Kyomtha Seminary is the headquarters of the Kochi diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church and the residence of its Metropolitan. The founder of this diocesan headquarters is late lamented Dr. Thomas Mor Osthatheos Metropolitan. The land for the headquarters was donated by the parishioners of the Thripunithara Nadamel Church. This property originally belonged to Very Rev. Mookencheril Geevarghese Ramban, a close associate of Chathuruthil Kochu Thirumeni (Parumala). The Ramban's greatness and love for the Church inspired him to hand over the property to his Parish when he became old. The foundation for the diocesan headquarters was laid on February 28, 1983; about one year after the appointment of H.G. Dr. Thomas Mor Osthatheos as Metropolitan of Kochi diocese by His Holiness the Patriarch.The Headquarters started functioning on 17th December 1983 from a very simple and humble beginning.
Though Mor Osthatheos Thomas was 70 years old when he took charge as Metropolitan, his commitment and hard working helped for the overall development of the diocese.The present modern Cathedral in the diocesan headquarters was built by Metropolitan Mor Osthatheos, replacing the old and small Chapel consecrated by late lamented Paulose Mor Severios (former Metropolitan of Kochi diocese) in 1950's. The foundation of the new Cathedral was laid on 21st April, 1986 and completed on 31st December, 1987. The first Holy Qurbono was celebrated in the new Cathedral on 1st January 1988 and the formalconsecration of the Cathedral was conducted on 15th September 1988 by late lamented Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II. In the same period of establishment of the diocesan headquarters, Metropolitan Mor Osthatheos has started an English Medium School by name 'Georgian Academy English Medium School'. Today that small School which he started has grown into a big and reputed High School with about 1500 students. The whole diocese is indebted to that great visionary for his valuable services which he showered at the age of 80s. On 28th July 2000, the Metropolitan passed away and his mortal remains were interred in the cathedral.
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